Our streamers!


Our newest streamer!
Her name is Menine, she is 21. 
She loves to play horror games and many other games on stream!
Go and check her out and give her a follow!



Go and check her out and
give her lots of love..
She is from a small town in norway called Sandnes.
She is 23 years old and pretty new in streaming



His name is Chris, 27 years old.
Lives in skarnes and streams almost everyday! 

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His name is Jim, 27 years old.
Loves racing simulator and really active in chats! 

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His name is Anders, 41 years old.  

He is a familiy dad, and loves streaming.
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What we are?

What are The Drama Llamas?

The Drama Llamas is a freshly started gaming community.
It all started as a joke…
It started to grow fast in few days, people asked to join and we accepted of course.
We then planned to make this a real community for gamers and streamers, we wanted to aim for a good place to be, support each others and have fun.
We still want to grow and make it even better. We want YOU to feel like you have a community that supports you in any way. We do not have any rules of what kinda stream you are running, you do NOT have to be either streamer or gamer to join us.
Some of us also have a deep love for computers/server, so we are running a few gaming server like; Farming Simulator, 7 days to die and more are coming.
If YOU want to join prob the best community (what I like to think)
Join us on discord and make some friends. Let’s see whats happens 😉

Who are we?

Here we are. The Drama Llamas. Those 5 people are the founders of this awesome community.
Add them, like them and love them!


Michael Engseth


Frank Kronstad


Vigdis Johansen


Trond Nedrevaag


Jeanette Stabell